About us :
Mission, values et key figures



Our core business is to do technical inspections to prevent technical risks on the construction field.


Our objective is to ensure the structural integrity of properties, equipment efficiency and safety of construction.


We do our job with the will to provide quality services that anticipate and satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients.


technical excellence

Every day, our customers make important decisions based on our judgments. This is why the continuous improvement of our knowledge and skills is a priority objective for us.

It is on this basis that the quality of our services and the relationship of trust with our customers are built.


As an independent third party, we act with professionalism and rigour in all circumstances. We avoid any situation of conflict of interest likely to influence our decision-making or the exercise of our professions. The Group’s separate legal entities carry out their activities in the exclusive interest of their clients.

an entrepreneurial spirit

The Groupe Qualiconsult has grown by remaining a local company where each manager in the field is a true company manager, close to his customers and employees.

The initiatives of our employees are encouraged because they are the crucible of the innovations that we will be able to propose to our customers tomorrow.

An independant third party


Construction is becoming more and more complex, quality and safety are more and more difficult to assess, due to:

• Globalization of exchanges;
• Sophistication and diversity of equipment type and origin;
• Needs of investors, sustainability of investments;
• Requirements related to persons (fire and life safety, environment).


Client needs to rely on a technical company which is independent from all stakeholders involved in the construction. This allows the Client to validate his decision well before the beginning of works.


GROUPE QUALICONSULT has been providing this essential services for its clients for more than 30 years.
Created in 1982, GROUPE QUALICONSULT devotes itself strictly to missions of Quality and Safety, it doesn’t participate to the design of projects, its opinions are therefore impartial.


In order to carry out its missions, GROUPE QUALICONSULT has 2 500 employees including more 1800 engineers and technicians.

key figures

250 M$
2018 turnover
2 500
employees in 2018
offices in Europe, Africa, Middle East and America with local standards and regulations.
120 000
clients in 2018
+ 35 ans
years of experience
+ 13 %
Average annual growth rate